We are Bitches and Studs

We are Bitches & Studs

Learn How to Brew 6/11/2017

Come join using Menlo Park for a fun sunny brew worthy day.  We will be brewing a surprise, and teaching techniques on how to transfer into a secondary fermentor.  After and during we will be having a green egg smoking a three pound cow.  Yes a miniature cow....... Just kidding.,…

Club Minutes from a fun great meeting

Bitches and Studs Inc   Minutes   Date & Location: 06/07/2017 Freewheel Brewing Co.   Members Present:   Gavin Pres Joseph G VP acting secretary Lonnie Phil Jon (Guest) Brandon Treasure Christy Brian (Guest) Patrick Dan Robert Andrea Kim IPA Lisa R. Laura Dave IPA Kristi   Club Business:  …
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