IPA Meeting 3/15/2017

Bitches and Studs Inc




Date & Location:

3/15/2017 Freewheel Brewery


Members Present:





Non IPAs


Joe G.



Club Business:

-SI-100 form needs to be filled out and sent into the state, $20 Dollars needed.

-Stickers were bought out of Gavins Pocket $1 Dollar per Sticker

-Domain is Due $10 Dontated by Dave

-Website looking much better, easy to post items to the site, need to put analytics?

-In April vote in new IPAs

New VP

New CMO New position

Needed new bylaws

-With new elections if anyone wants to run against 1 min speail

-Flyers actually start working on them  they will be used for the Educational Brews

With that they will all be held at Dicks House with Brandon in Charge

Paying for supplies needs to come from the club either donations or possible talk for raising Dues by $5 to help pay for costs


Raising them by $5 for non brewers

Asking for donations per event

Meeting Adjourned @:


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