Another fun Learn How to Brew day in the Books!

Thanks to everyone that attended.  We brewed a Roasted Hemp Seed Brown Ale recipe from Brandon.  This morning the yeast was happily doing it’s job.  This all couldn’t have happened without everyone talking part in bring all the yummy foods, and beer.  The transfer of the  Fresh Cherry Stout went smoothly.  Thanks to my brother-in-law Jon for letting club use his freezer to crash the stout prior to transferring.  I also have to give a special thanks to Kim for her superstar help in the kitchen, cleaning the awesome Mac-cheese someone made.  I didnt the know it was possible to get cheese in so many part of the kitchen.

Looking forward to bottling the Fresh Cherry Stout next time along with transferring​ the brown and brewing a Honey Jalepeno Ale.

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